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Citywave – Stationary Deep Water Wave Systems

Surf & Style 2012 - European Championships on the Citywave

The Citywave makes surfing anywhere in the world possible, without travelling to the ocean or searching for a riverwave. Beginners of any age can start their first experiences safe and stable by using a grab-handle. Intermediates can ride the Citywave and practice turns and take-offs, and experts can rip the wave with jumps, 360’s and powerful turns.

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At the heart of the Citywave are huge pump-units, which are produced by one of the world’s largest manufacturers. The size and power of the Citywave’s waves can be regulated by adjustable floaters and the amount of water that is levelled. Therefore the wave can be adjusted perfectly for all skill levels. In this deepwater standing wave it’s even possible to bodysurf. To surf the Citywave you don’t even need a special surfboard, the board you use in the ocean will be just fine.

The area around the unit offers huge space for branding. For sheeting there is any option from wood, plastic, fibre or metal. Also for the pool-surrounding there are a number of materials that look great and are functional. In order to imply a certain atmosphere, you have to choose the reception, changing rooms, bar, shops in a certain character: South Sea style with palm leafs, classic with wood or modern in aluminium or synthetic materials.

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