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Australia’s First Surf Park URBNSURF Coming to Melbourne in 2017

Wave Park Group is excited to deliver Australia’s first surf park, URBNSURF Melbourne

URBNSURF Melbourne Coming to Australia in 2017 | Surf Park Central | Wave Park Group

April 6, 2016
Announced by the Wave Park Group of Australia

Surfing is a sport enjoyed by millions of Australians for its fun, health benefits and lifestyle. Up until now, surfing has been held back by geographic limitations, only available at certain coastal locations, and by weather conditions, needing enough swell, the right wind, tide and daylight.

URBNSURF unlocks these limitations and allows surfers to enjoy their sport safely, more easily and more often. #surfmore.

URBNSURF Melbourne | Surf Park Central

Artist Rendering of URBNSURF. Coming to Melbourne late 2017

URBSURF Melbourne will be the first man-made surf park facility in Australia. Using world-leading Wavegarden wave generating technology, URBNSURF Melbourne will deliver high quality, authentic surfing waves to suit all abilities.

With a north-south lagoon orientation, URBNSURF Melbourne has been designed to suit prevailing winds, with one side of the lagoon always delivering offshore waves.  LED lagoon lighting means you can surf night and day. Multiple lagoon-side amenities will offer something for everyone, including:

URBNSURF Melbourne promises to be a compelling destination for surfers and non-surfers alike.


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