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Wavegarden Installation Planned for Sweden

Although it’s early in the process, it appears that the small coastal town of Varberg, Sweden will be home to one of the next few full-scale Wavegardens on the planet. Fun Surf Town, as it’s being called, will feature water park installations, cottages, a restaurant, locker rooms, and other amenities in addition to the 300-meter Wavegarden pool. The project will be sited just inland from two popular surf breaks called Apelviken and Lajet.

This news comes on the heels of an updated timeline for the Surf Snowdonia Wavegarden project in North Wales, which is now slated to be open by Easter of 2015. It’s shaping up to be a big couple of years for Wavegarden technology as we should see at least two projects come to light by early 2015 in the UK.

Fun Surf Town


  1. Hi! I am the project manager of this project. First of all I am very glad to see this published here. Thank you!
    A correction to the article: the article states that it WILL feature cabins, restaurants etc. Actually, the location is an existing water land which means; 45 cabins already exist, water land already exists, the plus shaped restaurant and changing rooms already exists, parking already exist. and lots more. The existing water land is called Fun City. The only thing missing is the actual Wavegarden lagoon, and our idea is to combine Fun City and a Wavegarden. So I have partnered with them to do so. So a lot less investment needed, less risk. great investment/sponsor opportunity since there still is room for more investment. We are interested in adding a wakeboard park too. Anyone interested in investing in a wakeboard park here is welcome to contact us! Some information about the illustration. The illustration was purposely made with exaggerated proportions to illustrate the idea and show the closeness to the sea and to the surfing hotspots of Apelviken and Lajet. etc. The lands area that Fun City own are a lot bigger in real life than it looks like in the illustration, and Fun City water park is a lot smaller in relation to the total land area that they own. In reality a Wavegarden and a wakeboard park and lots more could easily fit on their premises. The name Fun Surf Town is not set. This was just a proposed name in the illustration. Stay tuned to progress on the Surfmagic facebook page!