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2017 Swiss Wavepool Championships Hosted at The Wave Factory

The Swiss Wavepool Championships in Stationary Wave Riding were held September 1st – 3rd, 2017 on the Citywave in Zürich, Switzerland. The inland surf culture and competitive spirit is alive and well at The Wave Factory.

Swiss Wavepool Championships 2017 | The Wave Factory Citywave | Surf Park Central

The Swiss Wavepool Championship is Switzerlands official national competition in wavepool surfing. According to the Swiss Surfing Association (ISA recognized National Surfing Association of Switzerland), the top surfers in the event qualified for the ‘Swiss Landlocked Surfing Team’.

Requirements for entry into the competition included Swiss Nationality (with the exception of the expression session), acceptance of the Swiss Surfing Association competition rules and insurance coverage by each individual participant. Minors under the age of 18 were required to be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

2017 Swiss Wavepool Championships Results
Swiss Wavepool Championships Mens Winners

Swiss Wavepool Championships Mens Division Winners. Image: WaveupMag


1. Martin Suter

2. Milan Brunner

3. Jan Schenk

4. Dimitri Scholl

5. Stefan Baumer

6. Ben Heer

7. Vincent Schneider

8. Fabian Villarroel

9. Roland Hauser

9. Bene Sarkany

11. Marcel Federle

11. Albert Würsch

13. Stefan Gilg

13. Jürg Häberling

13. Patrick Gönner

16. Georg Dietrich

16. Daniel Paez

18. David Debrunner

Ben Heer, as the only junior participating, took with his 6th place in the Men division also the victory for the Junior division.


Swiss Wavepool Championships Women's Winners

Swiss Wavepool Championships Women’s Division Winners. Image: WaveUp Mag

1. Rahel Brunner

2. Rachel Bonhôte

3. Martina Erne

4. Annik Bollag

5. Jackie Pfenninger

6. Marlies Morf


1. Humberto Arzola

2. Markus Egger

3. Bryan Souza

4. Alejandra Moreno

5. Cesar Zambrano

The Swiss Wavepool Championships Sponsors and Partners Included:

Visa, The Wave Factory, Victorinox, TROJKA Energy, Surfari Surf-Shop, Visitor Store, Cloud 9 and WaveUp Mag

Swiss Wave Pool Championships General Rules

• Surfing with leash is mandatory

• Surfing between the heats is only allowed for the surfers of the upcoming heat to warm up

• All necessary information will be printed on the blackboard at the event module

• Schedule is always subject to change. We do not recommend to leave the contest area during the competition.

• The competition lycra has to be worn during the heats, interviews and the award ceremony. It needs to be returned immediately after your heat.

• All information and changes during the competition will be communicated at the blackboard on the event module or by our speaker. We do not take any responsibility for missed information during the competition.

Swiss Wavepool Championships Heat Rules

• Up to 6 surfers ride in one heat

• Heat duration will be 8 -10 minutes (4-6 surfers) and 6 minutes (3 surfers)

• Heat starts with one honk

• Heat ends with one honk

• Heat gets interrupted by two honks

• Every wave has a max. duration of 30 sec.

• 1 time whistling means 5 sec until end of wave (last trick)

• 2 times whistling means end of wave – please leave the pool directly

• All seedings are announced on the black board.

• Every surfer is responsible for getting to their heats in time. Missing a heat leads to disqualification.

• Surfers start in order the head judge or speaker will announce before every heat and will follow this order during the whole heat.

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