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AcquaSol Adventure Complex & Surf Park Coming to Orlando FL

It sounds like Orlando, Florida may finally get a Surf Park…

AcquaSol Action Adventure Sports Complex to include Wave Pool | Wave Park

AcquaSol Adventure Sports Complex to include Surf Park in the Orlando, FL Project. Photo: AcquaSol Master Plan

Phase one of the AcquaSol master plan for a new outdoor recreational adventure sports complex was recently submitted to the Municipal Planning Board in Orlando, FL.  The project is slated to be developed directly across from the Festival Bay Mall which happens to be the site of the original Ron Jon Surf Park.

The AcquaSol action adventure sports complex is set to include a wide variety of outdoor activities and is “said to provide diverse skill building and educational opportunities for individuals of all ages and abilities.”

AcquaSol Adventure Sports Complex Proposed Master Plan Includes Surf Park

AcquaSol Recreational Adventure Sports Complex Master Plan Proposed for Orlando, FL

AcquaSol Proposed Master Plan Includes Surf Park | Scaled Version

The Surf Park component of the AquaSol Recreational Adventure Sports Complex is looking big…

Check out the AcquaSol Phase 1 Master Plan that was submitted on February 19, 2013 to the City of Orlando, Florida’s Municipal Planning Board to learn more. The project is currently owned by Jorge Orteca and I-Drive Investors, LLC.  

AcquaSol Adventure Sports Complex Orlando FL | Coasteering AcquaSol Rock Climbing | Action Adventure Sports Complex | Orlando, FL AcquaSol Recreational Adventure Sports Complex Orlando FL | White Water Rafting


    • byJesse Muller
    • onMarch 13, 2013

    I think this is a GREAT idea!! Orlando needs something like this.

    • byNate
    • onApril 17, 2013

    I agree with Jesse. I do not live near the Orlando area, but this is a great and unique addition to the city. Actually, it is a unique thing for the country! Orlando has enough amusement parks, so I’m glad to see something as cool as this. Can’t wait to see if it will actually be built!

    • byGlenn W Brimmer III
    • onOctober 6, 2014

    As a Floridian surfer and lover of impossible dreams, I think the pool is a great thing. I’ve heard some negative feedback from other fellow surfers comparing it to the great mother ocean and feel that it’s only going to croud their favorite spots in the water with a bunch of hot head wanna bees, but surfing is a source I prefer to share with everyone,who thinks that the ocean is too small for that, or the waves are in short supply like they’re just going to stop coming in.besides any pool Grom who comes to the ocean thinking that he’s got it all figured out, mother nature will humble him and check that attitude real quick that’s the great thing about mother nature. for me I would enjoy having a place in land because I’m unable to make the trip to the beach much as I would love to every day. the pool will give me an opportunity to brush up on my skills during off seasons to stay in shape. Otherwise it would cost me lots of money drive to the beach paddle out in some very mushy unpredictable hard to read waves. I can’t afford to go to Costa Rica or Hawaii or J Bay I’m stuck with these pathetic Florida waves, but the pool will actually give me a chance experience that perfect wave. for me it’s like a dream come true and if there’s anything I can do to get on board and help with the project and make this a reality, I would love to do so . I’m a scenic artist at Walt Disney World a park like this is exactly what Florida needs.

    • byBruce Hansen
    • onMay 24, 2017

    I am a whitewater kayaker and would use this at least twice a month.