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Brett Barley Reviews Waco Surf Pool

Have YOU wondered what your experience would be like if you booked at trip to the new Wave Pool in Waco, TX??

Well dive into this (very long) video from Outer Banks pro surfer Brett Barley to get an inside look at how things operate, what his experience was like, and some personal tips from Brett to help make your trip there a blast! Because according to Brett it will be…

Words by Brett Barley // Special THANKS to Superbrand Surfboards for the invite out to go surf the park, and Cheyne Magnusson & the crew at BSR for the hospitality. I really look forward to going back, I just need to figure out when i can get back down there for a chance at that air section! haha – THIS VIDEO WAS IN NO WAY ENDORSED BY BAREFOOT SKI RANCH OR ANY AFFILIATED PARTNERS! After seeing so many questions online, I just personally wanted to do this video out of sheer desire to inform the public on what it’s like!

BSR SURF RANCH – Online Booking



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Hampton Pearce

    June 11, 2019 at 10:17 pm

    Yeeeew. NC gentleman at its finest. Stumbled on this clip somehow, but they BSR should certainly be proud hearing a review like this from u. Plus Bass in the area. That stick u rode there looked perfect. Right up the ally of what I was talking about.
    Truly well done overview of what the entire area has to offer and the mechanics of how to approach and enjoy ur trip. Hope all is well in the OBX and with the fam.
    Appreciate the insight.

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