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Electric Blue Heaven Wins 2012 Surfer Poll Awards Best Short

Dion Agius Electric Blue Heaven Surf Park Barrel

Surf history in the making last night when the Surfer Poll Awards nominated Globe’s Electric Blue Heaven for the Best Short in 2012. A surf video filmed in a wave pool takes the cake. World class waves on demand, the ultimate training ground for athletes, and a perfect setup for photographers & videographers could lead to surf parks and wave pools playing a bigger role in our industry in the years to come…

“While a stark deserted landscape may seem like an odd surf spot, such is the setting for the latest conceptual short film from GLOBE. Dubbed “Electric Blue Heaven,” the seven-minute video was directed by Joe G. with additional film and photo credits from DJ Struntz, Beren Hall and Grady Archbold. Shot in Abu Dhabi’s Al Ain and set to “Winter Beats” by I Break Horses, the video spotlights surfer Dion Agius carving up the “world’s best wave pool.” Complete with 10 Russian models and even a yellow Lamborghini, the entire “Electric Blue Heaven” story can be found in the latest issues of the world’s most popular surfing magazines.” – Excerpt from

Dion Agius Electric Blue Heaven Girls

Dion Agius Electric Blue Heaven Old School Barrel


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