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Headed To URBNSurf Melbourne? Watch This First

Just because a wave is perfect, doesn’t mean it’s easy to ride. URBNSurf Melbourne is a great example. Watch clips of guys getting drained all day and you’d think it’s as simple as booking a session and slotting right in. In reality, navigating a perfect surf pool pit is much more difficult than it appears. A surf pool slab is unlike an ocean slab, and the way it’s ridden should reflect as much.

In the edit above (click on the image to watch), Surf Better Now’s Cahill Bell-Warren breaks down the intricacies of tube riding at URBNSurf Melbourne. If you’re in Australia and considering booking a session, this 9-minute clip is definitely worth a watch first. As you’ll see, choosing the right line in the pool is a must. Ride the wave a few inches too high or low and you’re toast — like too many of the surfers in the edit Bell-Warren breaks down.

“If you can take the drop and trim across the green face, then you can get seriously pitted in the chlorine cones at Tullamarine,” says Bell-Warren. “Regardless of your tube riding technique, forehand or backhand, there is one common denominator that is the make or break for all surfers when pits are on offer… The LINE you take.”

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