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Kelly Slater Talks KS Wave Company with The Inertia

The Inertia recently released their latest “Headspace” interview with Kelly Slater and thankfully asked the question on the top of all of our minds: “What’s going on with Kelly Slater Wave Company?”

While Kelly doesn’t necessarily describe the brightest future (monetarily) for the KSWC, he does address how surf parks will change the landscape of surfing. Watch video below from minutes 5:48 – 7:36.

Despite whatever may come of the technology at Kelly Slater Wave Company, Kelly does make a distinction worth pointing out… that “ultimately the wave is not going to be enough revenue for it to be a business. It needs to be [supported by] the concessions around it, whether retail or real estate.”

This is an important point to focus on when choosing technology and planning your business model. While your pool may be the main hook to drive visitors, it may also be your loss leader on the books (**Costs vary significantly by technology). In this case, ancillary revenue streams become extremely important to focus on in order to maximize profitability.

Make sure to scrutinize your financials because potential investors most certainly will. If you need help thinking through your business model contact us and we can connect you with the right people for your project.

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