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NLand Surf Park’s 2018 Season Starts March 10th

NLand is officially open for the season as of Saturday, March 10th.

February 26, 2017- Opening weekend at NLand is going to be the start of a busy month. They’ve changed up the menu at The Blue Prairie Restaurant, added new beers to the list at NLand Brewery and have expanded their event list. This season is going to be busier than ever, let’s take a look at some of the upcoming events.

Sound Wave – Saturday, March, 10th


Austin’s first concert on the beach. Photo: NLand

Starting off their season right with live music on the beach and surfing. Local rock acts Abram Shook, Go Fever, and Lowin will play the first beach concert that Austin has seen. Beach access will be free all day so even if you’re not surfing there’s plenty to do. CrossFit will be hosting a free class on the beach in the morning before the events start. Austin Bouldering project will be hosting a second free event on the beach for the afternoon. If you want to surf to live music and good vibes you can book your session here. Otherwise, enjoy the live tunes at no charge.

Surf Sanctuary – Sunday, March 11th


Free live music and goodie bags on Sunday. Photo NLand

Another day of surfing and music with wellness included. NLand will be hosting Yoga with Outdoor Voices and Wanderlust, then a Yoga Dance Part with Black Swan and Bender. The live music of the day will feature The Wild Now, DJ Honeycomb, and Tameca Jones. All of the non-surfing events are open to the public but of course, you can still book a session to surf the Bay Wave. There will be a complimentary shuttle for pick ups and drop offs from Downtown Austin. Also, booking a session on the bay wave will get you a free tote bag as well as giveaways from Outdoor Voices. RSVP and buy a ticket here. 

That’s what NLand has on tap for the first weekend of their season but it doesn’t stop there. Here’s a look at what they have for the rest of the month.

Surf By East – March 17

East Austin Hand Made Arts Market is putting on a surf and rock festival. Overlook admission will be free.

Yoga on The Shore – March 17

This will be the first of an every Starting at noon event. A one-hour, complimentary restorative Yoga class. RSVP here and NLand will waive your shore pass fee.

Peeling rights, lefts and live music. A new standard in Austin.

Check out a recap of last season at NLand here. Stay tuned for future events and updates!



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