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Select Contracts Press Release | Point Break Surf Park

Select Contracts to Design Point Break Surf Park

February 29, 2012 – Select Contracts is pleased to announce the signing of a design and pre- development contract for a fully integrated Surf Park in Hanover, Virginia.

“The Point Break Surf Park is the vision of Walter Bennett, a successful business entrepreneur who lives in Richmond, Virginia. Mr Bennett recently contracted Select Contracts, a global leisure and entertainment consultancy firm, to carry out the conceptual design and pre-development work for the Surf Park.  Select Contracts was chosen based on the success of Wadi Adventure, the surf park that Select Contracts helped develop and now operate outside Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The Point Break Surf Park will be a new vision in entertainment, focused around a beach breaking surf pool just under an acre in size that will create waves up to 6ft in height. Phase 1 will be more than a surfing venue, it will provide an immersive experience based around the surfing lifestyle with high energy restaurant and grill, surf themed bar, training surf pool, boogie boarding surf pool, standing waves, family pool, conference facility and retail.  The Point Break Surf Park will provide an exciting day out for the whole family to enjoy and a safe environment for beginner surfers and experienced enthusiasts alike. The second phase of the development will see the addition of white water rafting, climbing walls, air park and skate park.

Select Contracts will initially create a conceptual design, including a detailed market study to identify the best location within Virginia for the project.  This will form the basis for the 10 year business plan which will be accompanied by a component matrix to ascertain the correct mix of elements and activities, funding strategy, conceptual master plan, development timeline, project branding and conceptual illustrations. This will completely define the project allowing for a clear development strategy through to opening.

Lloyd Ravenscroft, Sales Director of Select Contracts, said, “We are extremely excited to be involved in another revolutionary surf park, especially in North America. Once open, guests will be able to absorb themselves in the surfing lifestyle at the Point Break Surf Park and will be able surf, party, relax, swim, eat, drink, play, entertain, host, watch, participate and reminisce…for themselves, their friends, their family, and their work colleagues. The Point Break Surf Park will have a potential operating envelope of 18 hours per day, 365 days of the year and will be a destination with many revenue generators including strong corporate entertainment, all combining to provide excellent returns for Walter and his investors.”

Formed in 1978, Select Contracts has grown into a 50+ person strong global group that delivers turnkey and consultancy services to the leisure, entertainment, sport and tourism market sectors. With corporate offices in Whistler, Dubai, New York and UK, Select Contracts designs, builds and operates destinations all over the world.  Projects typically include surf parks, theme parks, water parks, Family Entertainment Centre’s (FEC’s), indoor and outdoor snow-based destinations, downhill bike parks, entertainment zones, attraction experiences, adventure parks, sports complexes, hotels and resort developments. Each of these areas require a specialist knowledge demanding vision, experience and attention to detail that have enabled these projects to become an operational and financial success.”

Check out the Point Break Surf Park website to learn more:



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  2. Paul Gallegos

    June 8, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    I think a wave pool theme park be great for Virginia!!! Excellent idea. Maybe now I have a reason to stay longer when I go visit my parents in Mclean, Va. Hope you all make it happen. Keep the kids off the streets and in the water or in the skateparks. Is this park still a possibility or has the momentum died?

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