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Surf Lakes International Launches 5 Wave Technology

Surf Lakes International Prototype Testing Occy's Left | Surf Park Central

Surf Lakes prototype Occy’s Left set goes unridden… Image: Surf Lakes

Yeppoon, Qld, Australia: Surf Lakes International is excited to release vision from the initial phase of prototype testing of their “5 Wave” technology, which produces five different levels of waves simultaneously around a man-made lake.

Earlier this week, as the sun set behind the mountains near Yeppoon on QLDs Capricorn Coast, a gathering of staff and pro-surfers, including ambassadors Mark Occhilupo and Barton Lynch, witnessed the first perfect waves peeling across the reefs of the private demonstration facility.

The 5 Waves concept rates each wave according to its level of difficulty, similar to snow ski resort. Each wave difficulty level is colour coded and caters for beginners, through to advanced and pro level wave riding.

The 5 Waves concept allows for learners, experienced surfers and professionals, to surf perfect waves simultaneously.

For operators this means that whole families with ages from five to 75 can enjoy the facility together, rather than waiting for different sessions to run.

At full commercial capacity, 5 Waves can produce up to 2,400 waves per hour, allowing for up to 200 surfers and learners each hour. This productivity translates into the highest possible return for operators.

Also, the five different levels of waves allows for a wide variety of watercraft. The Intermediate wave is perfect for short boards, long boards, SUPs and surf skis. The Advanced and Expert waves suit short boards and knee boards.

Surf Lakes International Joel Parkinson | Surf Park Central

Joel ‘Parko’ Parkinson testing out the Surf Lakes prototype. Image: Surf Lakes International

5 Waves world firsts

  • Simultaneous wave types: 5 types of waves, each of which vary in difficulty, size, length and shape, at the same time
  • Most breaks in a wavepool: 10 separate waves (4 left and 4 right reef breaks) plus 2 beginner waves
  • Largest surfing lagoon in the world: Water volume 80 megalitres
  • Largest wave face height: Up to 2.4m face height. 2.2m achieved at mid-level prototype testing
  • Highest wave productivity: At full commercial capacity, 5 Waves will be able to produce over 2,400 waves per hour, allowing up to 240 surfers in the lake at the same time, all catching 10 waves per hour

Founded by Aaron Trevis, the Surf Lakes team has been working hard to complete the full sale demonstration facility for the past two years. PHD Engineer and Surf Lakes Director Chris Hawley, oversaw the design, build and commissioning of what is essentially Australia’s first man-made surfing wave pool. Funding for the project was raised from private investors by finance expert and fellow Director Reuben Buchanan.

“After years of dreaming, designing, testing and building, to see those first few waves roll across the reefs was quite a site!” said Trevis.

Surf Lakes plan to license their technology to operators such as theme parks, resorts and developers around the world. Surf Lakes will also design, manage construction and commissioning of each facility, as well as providing ongoing services.

Surf Lakes International 5 Wave System | Surf Park Central

Surf Lakes ‘5 Wave’ Technology. Image: Surf Lakes


Novice / Beginner (White Zone / White Rashie)Can swim but never surfed before. Only allowed on whitewater beginner area and must stay under instruction by surf coaches.

Intermediate (Yellow Breaks / Yellow Rashie) Able to demonstrate competence in paddling, prone balance, jump from prone to feet on unbroken wave, ability to on open face of wave, complete basic bottom turn, have basic understanding of water movement knowledge. Allowed in white zone and Intermediate breaks only.

Advanced (Green Breaks / Green Rashie) Able to demonstrate high level competence in paddling, jump from prone to feet on unbroken wave with steep face, able to complete bottom to top turns, demonstrate basic tube riding ability and good knowledge of water movement. Allowed in white zone plus yellow and green breaks.

Expert (Red Breaks / Red Singlet)Able to demonstrate expert level competence in paddling, jump from prone to feet on unbroken wave with steep face, able to complete bottom to top turns at expert level ie high degree of difficulty close to the breaking part of the wave, demonstrate expert tube riding ability, ability to perform maneuvers above the wave face (aerial) and demonstrate expert level knowledge of water movement. Allowed in white zone plus yellow, green and red breaks.

Pro (Black Breaks / Black Singlet)Have competed in amateur and/or professional surfing competitions and able to demonstrate professional level competence in all aspects of surfing as well as advanced tube riding ability, aerial maneuvers and demonstrate highest level knowledge of water movement. Access all breaks.

See additional videos and coverage of Surf Lakes International’s ‘5 Wave’ technology debut below:

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