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  • February 15, 2012: Mr. Pipeline Thinks Olympic Surfing is Swell Idea – “The idea of surfing for an Olympic medal has long divided the world’s estimated 20 million surfers…One of the issues for surfing as a potential Olympic sport is the problem of finding a venue in the host country which would provide the conditions necessary for the world’s best surfers to strut their stuff. Lopez, however, pointed to the growth in popularity of mechanical wave pools that could someday manufacture massive swells to rival those that pound his native Oahu.” Read the full interview with Gerry Lopez at
  • February 6, 2012: Wave Pools and Artificial Reefs to Fight Gold Coast Surf Rage – “The Gold Coast could soon be home to world-class artificial reefs and wave pools to combat the rising tide of surf rage.The surfing industry generates $3.3 billion a year for the Gold Coast economy, but it is also in danger of being loved to death, with local beach breaks under increasing pressure from huge crowds. A new surfing taskforce has been formed with the mission of moving the industry forward, and taskforce chairman John Nielsen said that means bringing wave pools and artificial reefs to the Tourist Strip. Wave pools will be operational on the Gold Coast within two years. We are already talking with operators who want to bring them here,” he said. “Can you imagine having wave pools with perfect waves, operating 24-7, and what that will do for the industry?” – View the full article at

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