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Surf Park Summit Opening Address – Glenn Hening, Surfrider Co-Founder


Surfrider co-founder, Glenn Hening, provides the opening address for Surf Park Summit and shares his views on how imperative it is to build “spirit of aloha” into the foundation of the surf park industry.

Glenn Hening’s Highlighted Quotes

“Today is the birth of the surf industry…What we’ve seen up until now really has not been the surf industry but the clothing industry with a good hook.” Click to Tweet

“This highest calling is to get as many people surfing as possible.” Click to Tweet

“Surf parks were represented in the founding documents of Surfrider.” Click to Tweet

“There is a certain higher calling- the idea of being nobel- the idea of being universal.”

“I would urge you to consider the idea I love, the spirit of aloha, and giving as much as you can when it comes to the wonders of riding waves.” Click to Tweet

“Avoid the temptation to turn this into just a business and retain a sense of wonder for what a blessing it is to ride waves.” Click to Tweet

Stay tuned as we will be releasing all the video presentations from Surf Park Summit over the next 15 weeks!

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