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Surfing Life Australia’s Trip to Ocean Dome Wave Pool


Surfing Life’s 2007 Hot 100 Trip: Japan’s Extinct Ocean Dome

Words by: Mimi LaMontagne, Surfing Life
Photos: Andrew Shield
Video: Ryan Kenny

Ocean Dome Wave Pool Barrel | Surf Park Central

Heath Joske pre-beard and pre-extinction of Miyazaki Japan’s Ocean Dome Wave Pool. Photo: Andrew Shield

In October of 2007, the best wave pool in the world was shut down. We knew this was happening before the fact – that’s why we decided to take the best of Australia’s junior surfing talent to Japan for our annual Hot 100 trip. And as you can see from Owen Wright’s froth, it was all we hoped and way more. But one month after this clip was filmed, the Ocean Dome was no more. We saw the last professional surfing the Japanese wave wonderland would ever play host to – and it left us wanting more.

Owen Wright Frontside Air Ocean Dome Wave Pool | Surf Park Central

Owen Wright unleashing his inner froth during the last mega session at Japan’s Ocean Dome Wave Pool. Photo: Andrew Shields

If Tokyo decides to including surfing as a sport in the 2020 Olympics, the Ocean Dome will be reincarnated. And politics of the debate aside, we very much want that to happen.

Japan Ocean Dome Wave Pool | Surf Park Central

Was Japan’s Ocean Dome the best wave pool ever? Definitely the best one yet… Photo: Andrew Shields

And we bet Wilko, Jules, Owen, Jay Davies, Heath Joske and Mitch Coleborn will back us up. Just scroll down for the evidence (and relish in the baby-faces of your favourite pro surfers).

Julian Wilson Ocean Dome Wave Pool Air | Surf Park Central

A young version of the Julian Wilson we all know and love perfecting his air game at the Ocean Dome. Photo: Andrew Shields

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1 Comment

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