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The Wave UK | Wavegarden UK | Press Release April 13 2013

The Wave UK Wavegarden Update April 2013


April 13, 2013 by The Wave UK

It’s been a while….

We have been wanting to give significant updates along the way…however it has been a while and a number of people have been calling and emailing us to know if the project is still happening……

It certainly is!

For commercial reasons we have had to delay the announcement of location for the Bristol project, this still remains the case. However, we can confirm it is still in Bristol and planning is being sought on it currently.

Some of you will also be aware that we are involved in a Wavegarden development on The Isle of Wight. We were asked by a consortium to look at the island as a possibility and after studying the area and doing various pieces of feasibility work, we decided it would be an amazing place to bring Wavegarden technology.

We have excellent project partners on both projects and both developments are progressing very well. We still are looking to be developing this year and pushing waves as soon as humanly possible…. we can’t wait!

New head high waves at the Wavegarden Demo release coming from Spain soon!

New head high waves at the Wavegarden Demo centre…press release coming from Spain soon!

What’s next….

The Wave UK Wavegarden Update Newsletter

Planning permissions are being sought, investment is coming in and we are building and developing a team and program that will get these projects built in the most sustainable way possible.

There is still much work to be done but we are confident that we have the best technology available, and the best consultants working with us and advising us. The dream is becoming reality!

There will be a consultation process soon which will be a chance for all our followers to be able to input into the process and give feedback on design and plans…we would love to hear from you all at this stage and we will send out another mailshot at the appropriate time.

We are on such an exciting journey and we want you come with us every step of the way!

To learn more visit The Wave UK’s website here.

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