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URBNSurf Melbourne Re-Opening To Public On June 19

Extenuating circumstances forced the (temporary) closure of URBNSurf Melbourne twice in its first year of operation. First, a freak mud rain in January, and then second, the Coronavirus in March. Strange and unfortunate, and two things nobody could have predicted 12-months-ago when URBNSurf’s doors first opened.

Rather than let the closures get them down, the crew in Melbourne used their time productively. According to a post on Beachgrit, the re-opening in 10 days will coincide with a reconfiguration of wave settings. The pool will now offer a hollower version of its slab, as well as two new air sections, which bodes well for surfers like Chippa Wilson, and for events like Stab High, which was actually meant to run in Melbourne back in March before the COVID-19 crisis canceled everything. Of course, the average surfer will be just as excited to hit a perfect ramp on command.

Thats the beauty of Surf Pools — and especially the Wavegarden tech — which allows for constant updates. Once the pool is poured and filled, and the machine installed, the waves and settings can forever be tweaked. So, the wave you caught last month will never be the exact same wave you catch a year from now, despite it being in the same controlled environment.

Of course, with Coronavirus still very much a pandemic that needs to be taken seriously, the re-opening will come with restrictions. According to a press release, “on re-opening up to 18 surfers will be permitted on each side of our 2 hectare surfing lagoon. This means our 1 hour surf sessions will run as normal – including our new Expert and Cruiser sessions – however all surfers will be required to keep at least 1.5 metres apart at all times, including in the lineup.” As well, there will be no visitors allowed, and changing rooms will remain closed indefinitely.

Otherwise, once URBNSurf fires back up, things will operate much the same as before. So, if you live in OZ, and you’ve been locked down for three months, you might want to jump over to the URBNSurf website and book yourself a session before they all fill up. An hour of machine-made perfection will cost you between $90-$129 AUD, which feels like damn good value to us. Now more than ever.

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