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Murphys Waves

Wave Pools & Surf Parks Coming to China via Murphys Waves

Point Break Surf Wave Generator | Murphys Waves

Record-breaking Point Break Surf System set to open in Shanghai, China in July 2013

February 14, 2013: “After returning from China last week, Waves Sales Director Jim Stuart confirmed that he is thrilled to be working “The Wanda Group”, one of Chinas leading companies and that he is looking forward to the first park opening early in 2015.” – Murphys Waves Facebook Page

February 12, 2013: “Surfing in China! Installation work has begun on China’s latest Point Break Surf System in OCT Shanghai Water Park. The 30M wide record-breaking surf system is due to open in July 2013 and Visitors to the park can expect to see the world’s largest waves at over 3.3M high!!” – Murphys Waves Facebook Page

The OCT Shanghai project will be part of the new Playa Maya Water Park in Wuhan, China. Playa Maya Waterpark is the first of four committed projects with the OCT Group out of Shenzhen, China. The other projects have been scheduled for production, and will be opening 2013 – 2014. You can learn more about Overseas Chinese Town Enterprises Co., Ltd (OCT) on their website here.

Learn more about Murphys Waves on their website here.



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