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“Average” Surfers hit Kelly’s Surf Ranch

We all know that guys like Felipe, John John, Kalani, Jordy, can all post up in the tube on this man-made ride, but what about a more average surfer?

Posted on February 6, 2018



Now don’t take me wrong, I would place these guys in the above average surfer bracket. But, for the sake of argument let’s call them “average”. The guys from Surfer Mag, Chris Cote, Vaughan Blakey, Todd Prodanovich, Nick Carroll, Peter Taras, and Grant Elis surfed the freight train wave last fall and it gives us a better idea of how any one of us would surf the wave. If you’re not familiar with these guys they are the writers, editors, and photographers behind Surfer.

Depending on who you are, it’s easy to look at the wave and say to yourself one of two things- “I would just pull in and sit in that tube the whole time” or “That thing looks like it moves way to fast and I couldn’t keep up.”

According to these guys, it’s a lot more user-friendly than one would think.  Which is good to know seeing as how Florida will be getting a wave machine designed by Kelly and Leemore will be open to the public at some point in the future.

If you have any interest in surfing this wave, take note!

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