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Kelly Slater Shows His Mom How to Get Barreled at KSWC Surf Ranch

Kelly Slater GoPro Barrel Vision at Kelly Slater Wave Company Surf Ranch

Kelly Slater set the surf world ablaze one year ago when he released the first clip of his man-made wave at the KS Wave Co Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California. Hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean, it was perfect wave. Kelly Slater Barrel Vision | Surf Ranch | Surf Park CentralWith subsequent edit releases starring friends of Kelly getting their chance at finding barrel bliss, there was still one thing missing: the POV angle.
Well, lucky for all of us, he decided to release this GoPro footage he’d been holding on to, while declaring via Instagram, “Been sitting on this for a while. The only way I could think of to get my mom barreled!” Pull up a chair, it’s time to get barreled with mom.

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