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A Mind-Melting Performance From 13-Year-Old Jackson Dorian At The BSR Surf Resort

In the time of Coronavirus, surf pools are proving more important than ever to the development of young talent. Take this edit of Jackson Dorian for example. Dorian is one of the most impressive 13-year-old surfers in the world today. But, with international travel restrictions in place he’s been unable to chase swells to summer hotspots like Indonesia, instead shifting his focus to the middle of Waco, Texas, and the BSR Surf Resort. It might not be Bali, but Waco is home to one of the best air sections in the world, and it’s always there, and on demand.

In this 2-minute edit, Dorian will melt your mind. From buttery full-rotations, to tech spins and flips, this is the most impressive all-around performance we’ve ever seen from a surfer this age. Waco’s surf pool is only a few years old, but it’s already fulfilling early expectations as the best training ground in the world for above-the-lip surfing, and has single-handedly pushed the progression of aerial surfing since its inception. Can you imagine the sort of tricks Dorian is going to stomp by the time he turns 18? It’s exciting stuff.

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