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Doug Palladini of Vans Talks Surf Park Industry Potential

In this week’s Summit video release, Doug Palladini – VP of Americas at Vans, President of SIMA – discusses the potential that surf parks hold for the surfing industry. In a Q&A with moderator Jess Ponting, Palladini offers parallels from the skate industry, insight on independent retail opportunities, and a case for how to organically grow the surf park industry.

Ponting: “From your position as the General Manager for the Americas at Vans and also as the President of SIMA, are surf parks on your radar?”

Palladini: “Yeah, they’re on everyone’s radar. I mean look around, look at the audience. I’d say a couple years ago this meeting would not have been possible, so it’s clearly that tipping point, or whatever you want to call it as mentioned before. Timing is ideal. It’s on everybody’s radar.”


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