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Endless Summer Resort Coming to Oahu in 2017

Endless Summer Surf Resort Coming to Oahu in 2017 | American Wave Machines | Surf Park Central

HONOLULU, HI – The Greene Waters Group of Bridge Real Estate announced plans this week for a unique hospitality experience at The Endless Summer Resort. Principals Chad Waters and Tyler Greene have partnered with Bruce Brown Films and licensed the rights to the iconic surf movie, The Endless Summer, to launch Surf City Hui, LLC, the ownership entity for the concept resort. The 400 unit resort will be centered around a four-acre surfing wave pool that creates customizable waves using PerfectSwell® technology created by American Wave Machines.

“American Wave Machines has advanced technology to a point where they make consistent waves with an infinite variety,” said Surf City Hui, LLC co-founder Chad Waters. “At The Endless Summer Resort, we will be able to create a surfing experience that removes the fear for beginners and in some cases, exceeds the real thing for expert surfers”

“Our overriding design philosophy was to create surf, the dynamics of the ocean at the beach, not just individual waves. We’ve accomplished that with PerfectSwell®” said Bruce McFarland, Founder and President of American Wave Machines, “The iconic concept put forth by Surf City HUI aligns with our vision for premium surf destinations.”

Endless Summer Resort PerfectSwell Surf Pool by Surf City Hui | Surf Park Central
Surf City Hui, LLC has plans to roll out the concept hotel in other cities worldwide based on the success of the Oahu project.

“The initial feedback from the surfing community has been amazingly positive,” said co-founder Tyler Greene. “As word of the Endless Summer Resort concept has spread, we have had great interest from potential future partners on the mainland.”
In addition to hotel rooms, the resort will include unique dining experiences, a spa, approximately 50,000 square feet of surf retail and a world class surfing museum.

“We are thrilled to have been selected as the museum curator at Endless Summer Resort,” said Paul Strauch of The Surfing Heritage & Culture Center. “Located in the birth place of surfing, this museum will honor and celebrate the legacy of surfing in Hawaii and its heritage and place in modern society.”
The resort location has not yet been solidified, but Surf City Hui, LLC is in negotiations and hopes to soon confirm its West Oahu site.

Endless Summer Surf Resort | Surf Park Central

The developer is asking for public input on the project by completing a short survey. (Click here to complete)

“We feel that it is only right that the birthplace of The Endless Summer Resort to be here in Hawaii where surfing began,” said Greene. “West Oahu has the amount of available land required for a project of this magnitude, and we hope that by situating the resort on West Oahu, we can contribute to the economy by creating more local jobs for West Oahu residents and expand tourism’s reach to the community.”

Surf City Hui, LLC will be interviewing potential operators and contractors over the next few months. The resort is expected to open by summer of 2017.

Watch the informational video and complete the survey here.

Watch the informational video and complete the survey here.

Surf City Hui, LLC request public input on the project. If you are interested in completing a short survey, please go to the following link to watch an informational video that will lead viewers to the survey.


  1. This resort concept looks Truly Amazing !! Thank you !!!! 🙂 ~

      • byJon A.
      • onJuly 20, 2016

      Hawaii news now reported there would be 2 on oahu and 1 on big island,true? Suggestion: involve the Aikau foundation too. Im just saying

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    • byBecka
    • onAugust 16, 2015

    Please please please don’t put this in Makaha!!!! This community will protest with everything they have!!!

    • byConcerned resident
    • onAugust 16, 2015

    1. How will this improve leeward community residents economic conditions that we currently face
    2. Resort must come up with viable solutions in upgrading road ways around the Makaha neighborhood and surrounding areas to include housing and development resources within planned development
    3. Income generated from resort must go back to the leeward coast community and not other areas which not affected by increased population.
    4. Employment must come from leeward residents residing from Kapolei to Makaha, this will reduce employee commute times.
    5. Upgrade community infrastructure that will allot for expansion.
    If planned development fails to respond to the community needs, then we don’t need the added frustrations.

    • byLuna Moon
    • onAugust 16, 2015

    Anywhere BUT West Oahu…we have very little land left as it is. Traffic is horrendous. Great idea, bad location.

    • byRuby
    • onAugust 17, 2015

    U guys have no business on the west side where surfing is already available for free. Have u not seen how traffic is already?! What a stupid idea. Put this on the main land where waves don’t exist. And don’t come to the west side the island where u r not invited.

    • byMomi
    • onJune 24, 2016

    What bull! I tried to go to the video & take the survey, and guess what? There’s no video to watch, or a survey to take. Nobody that lives on the Westside wants this unless additional roads are going to be built in & out of the Westside. It should be mandatory that developers have to finance that! The developers should spend two weeks on the westside & drive in the morning & evening rush hour everyday while school is in session! They are literally killing us. In an emergency there is no way for the people on the Westside to get out of that area. This will just make it worse.

    • byKehau Jardine
    • onJuly 18, 2017

    Would you honor Hawaii’s surf legends in your resort by displaying their photos or with a statue?

      • byPatrick R. Yap
      • onNovember 10, 2017

      Westside is really not the place for this project. I personally would love to see this project in Hawaii. As far as Oahu. How about Kualoa, Waialua or Mokulaia. Hawaii island all kinds of land there but kona would be the place. Then there is Maui. All that use to be cane land.