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Kelly Slater Surfing Waimea River Standing Wave

Watch Kelly Slater surfing Waimea river mouth standing wave on the North Shore of Oahu.

The world’s best surfer on one of nature’s best wave machines.

@kellyslater ripping one of natures best wave machines — the Waimea Bay River mouth’s standing wave. šŸ“½ @ericsterman @banzaibowls @surfline . . . #surfpark #surfpool #wavemachine #standingwave #waimeabay #waimeariver #northshore #oahu #kellyslater #kellyslaterwavecompany #riverwave #endlesswave

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Even though the rarely appearing Waimea River Mouth wave isĀ certainly not the Surf Ranch by Kelly Slater Wave Company, it is one of nature’s best surfing treadmillsĀ that you can ride until your legs turn to rubber.

Who knows, maybe Kelly is on to something here…is the Waimea River Mouth wave the mini version that KS Wave Co will be offering to developers that don’t have the space or capital required to build one of their massive Surf Ranch style lagoons?

Regardless of KS Wave Co’s future plans, the king definitely seems to be enjoying himself on nature’s version of a world class surf park. Goes to show, doesn’t have to be head high and barreling for the world’s best surfers to haveĀ fun!

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