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The Wave Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach wants more waves.

March 26, 2018.

In a swell deprived East Coast surf town, a wave machine creating 1,000 waves per hour is a welcome idea. Last fall Pharrell Williams and Wavegarden proposed their progressive idea to the community of Virginia Beach and the world. Although Pharrell isn’t known to be a surfer he comes from Virginia Beach and has put himself right in the middle of a surf park movement. In this recent video, Pharrell tells the background story behind the project expressing his love for his hometown.

He starts by describing a wave not as water but as energy, going on to say that “Virginia Beach’s untapped energy can power the future.”

Riding this wave of success would be great for the old Virginia Beach “Dome Site” which is in desperate need of a makeover. Driving past it nearly every day as a child Pharrell was in awe of the place. “I was always intrigued by the futuristic façade of the building,” he says. “It made my young imagination run wild.”

The plan isn’t just to input a surf park into the site but an entire living community surrounding the venue. The Wave would be inside of a ten-acre space. They hope to put in a live music venue, retail and restaurant establishments and surround it with residential living spaces. Offering Noth America their first Wavegarden Cove swell producing technology. A proven design that is capable of producing 1,000 six-foot waves per hour.

Recently the Developers behind The Wave project held a Public Input Session for the VB Entertainment District. In a recent post, The Wave reached out and thanked all of the supporters that turned up to show their support project. Prior to the meeting they already had received good feedback from over 1,200 locals.

Wavegarden is already working with URBNSURF to bring multiple Wavegarden Cove models to Australia.

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