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Wavegarden Cove Coming to Montgat Spain in 2018

The small Mediterranean coastal town of Montgat, near Barcelona, plans to build a Wavegarden Cove surf pool

The “Tarifa of Catalonia,” as it is also known in Spain, will have a 15,000-square-meter (100m x 150m) artificial wave lagoon capable of pumping 5.5-foot (1.70 meters) waves every four seconds. This equates to over 900 waves per hour, which means more than 16 waves per minute.

The first public and commercially operating Wavegarden complex to open in Spanish territory is said to cost between 9.5 – 10 million euros, and will occupy a total area of 48,500 square meters.

Apparently, the Catalan surf park is getting ready to debut the second generation of Wavegarden technology – the new Wavegarden Cove surf pool will be triangular, generating A-frame waves, i.e., left and right-handers.

Wavegarden Cove | URBNSURF Melbourne Wavegarden BCN | Surf Park Central

Conceptual rendering of the Wavegarden Cove planned for Melbourne, Australia. Similar to Wavegarden BCN design. Photo: URBNSURF

About Wavegarden BCN

Wavegarden BCN, SL is a private Catalan company, exclusive owner of the rights and technology developed by Wavegarden, SL for Catalonia.

At the head of the company as Managing Director, 100% Catalan capital, is surfer Felip Verger, who had worked for Pukas and Wavegarden, among other companies. Verger is accompanied by other anonymous Catalan surfers as well as the Managing Director of Dorna, Pau Serracanta, also a surfer for many years and with whom he started the project three years ago.

Verger, who will be the managing director and the only partner who will work in the business, wants to make it clear that, “although the name may lead to confusion, the relationship between Wavegarden and Wavegarden BCN is both supplier and customer. What happens is that we asked them if they had any inconvenience that we used their brand name and they have allowed us.”

Wavegarden Cove | Urbnsurf | Surf Park Central

Conceptual rendering of the Wavegarden Cove at URBNSURF Perth, similar in design to Wavegarden BCN. Photo: URBNSURF

“Montgat is an iconic place for natural surfing, and it will also be for artificial surfing. It will not be a water park, but it will have free access. There will be no bathing area, only surfing will be practiced,” explained Pau Serracanta, one of the surf pool promoters.

The Wavegarden Barcelona-Montgat can accommodate 108 surfers per hour in the freshwater lagoon, and is said to be capable of producing barreling waves. The project also includes commercial areas, shops, and restaurants.

The new man-made wave complex by Wavegarden will charge between 20 and 35 euros per hour for surfing in the artificial environment. The project will create approximately 50 local jobs and is plans to open Spring 2018.



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